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Boarding for the First Time
How well your pet does during his or her stay at any kennel depends not only upon the kennel environment but also upon his/her attitude towards people, age, past experience with being boarded, and how well he/she responds to being away from a familiar home environment.

The majority of pets adjust readily to the kennel routine. Many enjoy seeing all the other "boarders" and even thrive on the activity and attention. However, first time boarders MAY be lonely or nervous the first day, but with extra attention, they generally adjust and enjoy their stay with us.

Boarding Amenities
• All dogs have free access to indoor/outdoor areas 24 hours a day. Dogs are NEVER locked in crates.

• Inside runs are 16 square feet and are located inside a temperature-controlled building. They have beds with fleece liners for your pet's comfort.

• Outside runs are 4 by 16 feet with larger runs available for multi-pet families. This area is fully enclosed and escape proof.

• All runs are partially covered with a roof for shade in the summer and protection from the weather in the winter.

• We feed Nutro Max, a high-quality dog food. If your dog has special dietary needs, you can provide us with the food and we will gladly serve it to you pet, at no extra charge.

• All dogs and cats have fresh water available 24 hours a day.

• We do not have any fleas or ticks in our kennel. All runs are disinfected inside and out after each pet is discharged.

• There is always someone on the premises and there is a caretaker on the property after business hours.

• All pets entering our facility must be fully inoculated. (proof required upon arrival). Dogs must be current on Rabies, distemper, and bordetella is recommended. Cats need Rabies, and all upper respiratory inoculations.

We recommend inoculation be done at least 10 days prior to boarding.

• Medication: no extra charge for giving your dog the medication you provide. We DO NOT do injections.

• Vet Care: If we feel your pet needs a veterinarian during his visit, we will either contact your vet or bring your pet to one of several vets readily available in our area.

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