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Is your dog running your life?

Are friends and family staying away from your home because your dog has bad habits?

Do you have to "put the dog away" when friends visit?

Does your dog jump on people when they come in, drag you down the street when you take him out for a walk, escape out the door and run around the neighborhood ignoring you when you call him?

Does your dog bark at other dogs or people?

If you have answered yes to any of these questions, then you and your dog need obedience classes.

Group classes for dog training have an advantage--they teach your dog to ignore distractions around them and pay attention to you. Quail Run offers group classes for people just like you, who wish to create a pleasant and cooperative relationship with the family dog. Like children, we all get along better when they are well behaved and polite. That is the objective of our dog training: to teach your dog to behave in a socially acceptable manner. A well trained dog actually has MORE freedom than a poorly trained or a dog with no training at all.

We do this through the five basic commands of sit, stay, come, heel and down. With these commands taught during our 8 week, on-lead course, you will also learn how your dog thinks and how to use these basic commands and your new found knowledge to control your dog's behavior. For example you will be taught how to have your dog go to a place of your choice and lay down whenever someone knocks on your front door or to sit patiently at your side.

We teach handlers the practical application of obedience.

The same principles that Don used to train guide dogs and police dogs are used to train our students' dogs. He has been conducting classes since 1973 and over the years he has taught thousands of homeowners the key to making their pet a more enjoyable member of their family.

Classes are conducted twice a year beginning in September and March. You can register at any time during the year by calling the kennel at 631-475-4573.

Dogs must be at least 6 months of age and fully inoculated to attend class.

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